Demo 4

by Horrible Things

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released June 7, 2011




Horrible Things Chicago, Illinois

life sux


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Track Name: Hands Before Feet
I found some ways,
to make me feel a lot like you.
It's just a phase--
one I'll probably get through.
But I learned today,
that I gotta do is

wait just another few weeks.
Track Name: A Friend Named Food
It's how you feel it off and on,
that makes me feel it too.
And I how knew it all along,
but I still refuse the truth.
And if there's one thing you should know...

I still feel it,
I can't help but feel it,
I'll always be feeling it.

Fuck her.

Then I'll call you off and on,
Because it'll start to feel new.
But we'll know it all along,
it's not something to see through.
And if there's one thing I should admit...

I don't really feel it,
Do you really feel it?
We can't keep on healing it.

Fuck her.

And I feel mad--
I know I've thought enough about you.
And you seem sad--
as a means to make it through.
And what we had,
the past always seems to skew.
And that's too bad.