Dumb Days

by Horrible Things

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released April 5, 2012

Lyrics by Tim Reynolds.
Recorded in Bloomington, IN by Alex Bulli & Cory Cerna.
Produced by Alex Bulli & Horrible Things.
Mixed & Mastered in Springfield, IL by Luke McNeill.
Illustration by Bill Fore.




Horrible Things Chicago, Illinois

life sux


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Track Name: La Paressé
Oh you mother fucker.
You stole her away from me.

And she seems to think you're great,
but I hope that we never meet.
Track Name: $20
I found on the ground, twenty bucks.
And I immediately had a plan for each one.

Before I say what I did,
I'd like to know what you would have done.

So tell me what's so easy for you.
(Easier said than done.)
Track Name: (I'm) Waiting
So I will keep on waiting,
because I don't know what else do.
To get things to turn around.

And you never seemed interested,
because you always kept your distance.
So things never seemed to turn around.

But I'd like to think,
that there's a little but more to me,
So until you see it,
I'll just wait around.

So until I see it,
I'll just wait around.
Track Name: (I'm) Writing (from C-U)
I'm not gonna lie,
I always have it in the back of my mind.

Like flying or driving.
I'm trying, I'm dying to see you.

But as I lay in a single bed,
I guess I'll just email you instead.
Track Name: To-Do Lists
So I'll watch my to-do lists growing longer,
and i can bet on these obligations growing stronger,
and i'll wait for all these rules to take a hold of me,
but I cant let them strip me of who I am.
Track Name: (I'm) Passive Aggressive
I'm passive aggressive, so it'll never work out.
And I'm kind of obsessive, so it's all I think about.

But maybe this time I'll change and I'll grow up.
But if not I'll just try again tomorrow.

You're kind of dramatic so nothing ever works out.
And that's problematic, since it's all I think about.

But maybe someday you'll learn to let it go,
but if not you'll still see me,
cause if not I'll just try again.

I'll try to change, but it's hard for me.
Because it seems it gets hard not to be.
And the worst part is,

everyone is just like me.

And we're passive aggressive,
so it never works out.
Track Name: A Friend Named Food
It's how you felt it off and on,
that made me feel it too.
But I knew it along,
and still ignored the truth.
And there's one thing you should know…

I probably still feel it.
I can't help but feel it.
I'l always be feeling it.

Don't bother.
Because then I'll feel dumb.

If I saw you off and on,
it'd probably start to feel new.
But we'd know it all along,
it's not something to see through.
And if there's one thing I admit…

I don't really feel it,
do you really feel it?
We can't keep on healing it.

Don't bother.
But it's so hard.

Can you act mad?
Because I know I've thought enough about you.
Do I seem sad?
I guess I have things to get through.
And what we had,
the past always seems to skew.

That's too bad.
Track Name: Steps
Things are looking up finally,
and I never thought that it would come.
Things are looking up finally,
never thought it would take so long.

Things go on and on and on,
that's the way they tend to be.
On and on and on,
but completely new to me.
On and on and on,
I'm getting used to it,
the way it ebbs and flows.

Things are looking up finally,
I'm feelings things I've never known.
Things are looking up finally,
I can't believe I was so wrong.

It'll happen again, but until then…
Track Name: Before I Was American
Before I was American,
I bet it was easy.
Before I was American,
I didn't even know how to spend money.

I wish I was alive enough to see,
that they'd just put a number on me.
Cause then I'd turn around right then.

It was back then,
it seemed so appealing.
There's no way I could've known better.

But now it's hard for me,
Because I'd rather go back now.
Never thought that I'd say that now,
and I know that I don't want to do this alone.

And I became American,
when I first left my parent's home.
And I really felt American,
when I got a student loan.

I wish I was smart enough to be,
thinking of the other things I could be,
without taking what wasn't given to me.