Alligator Meat

by Horrible Things

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This EP was recorded during January and Feburary of 2010 in Williamsville, IL by Joe Tury of Red Room Studios.


released February 1, 2010

All songs and music written by Tim Reynolds

Horrible Things is:
Tim Reynolds..guitar and vocals
Nick Bethune..bass guitar
Anders Pollack..guitar
Trevor Seal..drums




Horrible Things Chicago, Illinois

life sux


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Track Name: Jurassic Park On Laser Disc
I feel like I'm probably gonna come around,
or feel like I did before.
And I feel like I'm never gonna feel the ground,
because I slept so much before.
But this time what I do might seem to last,
because of the way that it looked before.
And I guess there's always room to change the past.

And I'm gonna stay out just so you know.

I've been awake,
try three more days,
and I'm gonna get the fuck out of this place.
I've spent this break,
fixing mistakes,
and you know I'll probably feel the same ways.

And I have to say that I've been more impressed,
because I've seen better things before.
But I can't believe you felt so depressed,
because things could of been way worse.
A last chance probably wouldn't be the last thing you need to cheer us up,
okay, you'd need more to cheer us up.

It's how you seem to think you know,
that seems so weird.
It's how I want you to know,
that seems so wrong.
Track Name: Long Way To Go
To talk to you I'm so inclined,
to find out how they were unkind.
If everyone is so alike,
I'm sure they won't be hard to find.

I guess we should probably look at ourselves,
to find something we could maybe name.
Because if it's really not our fault,
undoubtedly its them to blame.

Because in a way I owe to you,
what was owed to me

You and me,
we got a long way to go.
And it felt so mean,
to finally have to grow.
But maybe we'll never feel alone.

It seemed so right at the time,
how we could finally feel divine.
To finally know someone who knew,
what they could never seem to find.
Track Name: Pizza City
You got in and you're feeling like a firefly,
but let me tell you that you're walking on a fine line,
Between what you say and where the time ends now.

It was okay because I only saw you sometimes,
and what you said seemed to be alot like,
how to feel when you feel like you're not fine now.

But me, I feel so weak.
These things I know that won't stop you,
can stop me now.
But oh please, you're not so great.
What keeps you back,
just can't keep me back long.

I feel bad that I hate that you're just fine,
and that I hate what I know what is not mine.
But what I say won't be a lie for now.

In the end, I guess I'm doing alright.
And how I feel would probably be a lot like,
feeling queasy while out on a calm night.
Track Name: Symptoms Of Meningitis
Its what you didn't say to me,
that came so easily.

You depend on things I never did.
Okay, so I guess those things I probably did.
But I have to ask why we talked before?
Let's talk so more.

Its how you fucking stared at me,
I thought I spoke so genuinely.

I guess I'd hoped for a way to reconnect,
Okay, I had hoped for what I could expect.
But I have to ask, was it there before?

And all of thoughts that I had,
no I can't take away.
I guess this is what I need to push you away.

Its just so overplayed to me,
I can't revisit this constantly.

And I think you're doing well,
and I guess I'm doing well.
And I ask myself, why we talked before?
Let's talk so more.

But you know me.
Maybe we shouldn't talk anymore.

All of things that I said,
no I can't take away.
And all of the friends that you had,
no you can't push away.
Track Name: Wizards
I can't believe everything I said,
because of course it feels wrong,
and that's why I'll be staring at my feet today,
since I can't look you in the eyes.

But you know I meant nothing, at all.

So reiterate everything I did,
because I swear I already feel you're right,
when you like to say,
that I speak before I think.