Demo 2

by Horrible Things

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Recorded May 2010 in Luke McNeill's basement--Springfield, IL.


released June 22, 2010

lyrics & music by Tim Reynolds
photo credit: Jingle Bells the cat

Tim Reynolds..guitar/vocals
Nick Bethune..bass
Trevor Seal..drums




Horrible Things Chicago, Illinois

life sux


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Track Name: This, But In Jeremy's Voice
I can't believe I went to college,
while you stayed home and wrote your songs.
Now I never have that free time,
and no money before long.

I don't feel,
like this is what I wanted.
And I don't feel,
like I'm really living.
And I don't feel,
like I know that this is for my life.

I can't believe I stayed at home,
and I fucking blew my only shot.
All I ever have is free time,
what I wanted was harder than I thought.

I didn't think that things would worked out,
and I guess I never thought they would.
But I must admit that the grass is always greener,
everytime I look through you.
Track Name: That, But In Vicky's Voice
In a way you feel fine,
but in a way you lied,
to the people who knew,
exactly what you'd do.

And I, I swear that I cared,
but I, I just never really remembered,
how it felt to feel,
like you can't speak out to us about what you can't describe.

You can't escape it seems,
or at least you seem to think.
But what I'll say to you,
I'll hardly think through.

And I, I swear I sorta care,
but I would have never really wondered,
how all you wanted from us was to say...

Nothing compares to you.

And in a way you died,
in a way we tried,
to make it feel like you chose,
us as friends to lose.

And I, I swear to god it's fair,
But you will never even bother,
but when we start to look down on you,
all you want from us to say...

Nothing compares to you.

In the terms of the words we shared before,
I guess what I said was harsh.
But I'll humor you until next time,
until one day you'll say...

Before I didn't really care,
but I swear that I grew fonder,
of the things I have,
but never knew I loved,
until once I'll say...

Nothing compared to you.